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magenta is an alternative-pop songwriter and musician based in Toronto, Ontario. She fuses brutally honest lyrics with immersive and memorable melodies; creating engaging musical works, full of depth and passion. For fans of Gracie Abrams, Jeremy Zucker, and Phoebe Bridgers, magenta writes on a wide array of topics that her listeners relate deeply to. 

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Press excerpts 

“What makes this debut so spellbinding though is the authenticity, it’s like reading someones diary entry, each word never feeling out of place or off, all 100% raw and real.”

- A1234

“In Magenta's poignant tale, the echo of every artist's whispered fears finds a voice, a delicate waltz between despair and hope”

- Uranium Waves

"What sets magenta apart is her unwavering commitment to authenticity. With each lyric, she bares her soul to the world, inviting listeners to join her on this cathartic journey of self-expression."

- The Cult Gateway


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phone number: 519-317-2775


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